Troubleshooting Switches

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Here are the first steps to try when all of your nodes are down.

  1. Verify if the ISP gateway is pingable:
    • Check the connectivity to the Internet Service Provider (ISP) gateway.
    • Ping the ISP gateway IP address to determine if it responds.
    • If there is no response, contact the ISP to inquire about any connectivity issues or outages in your area.
  2. Check if the /64 IPv6 subnet default gateway is pingable from outside/inside:
    • Ping the default gateway IP address of the IPv6 subnet from both inside and outside the network.
    • If there is no response from either side, it indicates a potential issue with the default gateway.
    • Verify the configuration of the default gateway and make sure it is properly set up.
  3. Check for recent port flaps/link failures or any other activities which might cause it:
    • Examine logs or monitoring systems for any signs of port flapping, link failures, or abnormal network activities.
    • Investigate recent changes, such as software updates, configuration modifications, or physical changes.
    • Identify any potential factors that might have caused the network disruption.
  4. Verify the cabling and port status on the switch:
    • Check the physical connections between the affected nodes and the switch.
    • Ensure that the cables are securely plugged into the correct ports on both ends.
    • Inspect the cables for any damage or loose connections.
    • Test the connectivity by using different network cables or ports.
  5. Try to perform a re-seat of cable/breakout/SFP/QSFP toward the affected machines:
    • Disconnect and reconnect the network cables at both the switch and the affected nodes.
    • If applicable, re-seat any breakout cables, SFP modules, or QSFP modules used in the connections.
    • Ensure all connections are properly seated and secured.
  6. Try to reboot the switch:
    • Save switch configuration before proceeding.
    • Reboot the switch to ensure it is functioning correctly.
    • Follow proper procedures to avoid any disruption to the network.
    • Monitor the switch during and after the reboot to check if the issue is resolved.
  7. Check with the switch vendor:
    • If the problem persists or if you are unable to identify the cause, contact the switch vendor's support team.
    • Provide them with detailed information about the issue, including any troubleshooting steps already taken.
    • Follow vendor guidance to further investigate and resolve the problem.

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