Troubleshooting Packet Loss Issues

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If you experience intermittent packet loss toward nodes:

  1. Perform a ping toward ISP gateway:
    • Ping the IP address of the ISP gateway to check for packet loss and response times.
    • Analyze the results to determine if there is any intermittent packet loss.
    • Contact the ISP to inquire about any connectivity issues in your area.
  2. Perform a ping toward the server default gateway (/64 IPv6 subnet):
    • Ping the IP address of the server's default gateway within the IPv6 subnet.
    • Monitor the packet loss and response times to identify any irregularities.
  3. Check if another server with the same IPv6 subnet has the same issue:
    • Test the network connectivity and ping the same IPv6 subnet from another server.
    • Compare the results to determine if the intermittent packet loss is specific to a particular server or affects multiple nodes.
  4. Verify the cabling and port status on the switch:
    • Inspect the physical connections between the affected nodes and the switch.
    • Ensure that the network cables are securely plugged into the correct ports on both ends.
    • Check for any signs of damage or loose connections in the cables.
    • Test the connectivity by using different network cables or ports.
  5. Check for recent port flaps/link failures inside the switch logs:
    • Access the switch logs or monitoring systems to identify any recent port flapping or link failures.
    • Investigate the logs for any abnormalities or patterns related to the intermittent packet loss.
    • Analyze any recorded events or error messages that might provide insights into the issue.

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