Node Provider Troubleshooting

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Troubleshooting individual Nodes

Changing your Node Provider principal in the NNS

IC Node Providers Matrix/Element channel

There is an open Matrix channel that's intended to bring together all existing, future, and potential future Node Providers:

The channel runs on the open and decentralized Matrix network. Among other ways the channel is also accessible from and from the Element desktop app. The Element desktop app is similar in functionality to Slack, and they offer a web UI, a desktop client, and a mobile app.

We recommend that you add an email address in the Element Profile settings and to enable notifications for missed messages.

🔗 How do I set up email notifications?
You can set Element up to email you when you have missed some activity (new messages, new invites…). You can do this in the Notification section of your Settings and turn on the toggle labelled as ‘Enable email notifications’.