Troubleshooting Interface issues

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If you are seeing Interface drops/errors/flaps:

  1. Verify the switch port statistics:
    • Access the switch interface statistics and examine the counters for drops, errors, or flapping.
    • Pay close attention to any significant increases in discards, CRC errors, or port flaps.
  2. Try to localize affected ports (search from high increase of discards/CRC errors or port flaps):
    • Identify the specific ports experiencing drops, errors, or flapping by comparing the statistics across different interfaces.
    • Look for ports with a significant increase in discards, CRC errors, or frequent port flapping.
  3. Try to replace the cabling toward affected ports:
    • Replace the network cables connected to the ports experiencing drops, errors, or flapping.
    • Use high-quality, properly shielded cables to ensure a stable and reliable connection.
  4. Verify the NIC adapter on the server:
    • Check the network interface card (NIC) on the affected server.
    • Ensure that the NIC is functioning correctly.
    • Consider updating the NIC firmware or replacing it if necessary.
  5. Check with the switch/server vendor:
    • If the issue persists or if you are unable to determine the cause, contact the switch or server vendor's support team.
    • Provide vendor with detailed information about the issue, including the troubleshooting steps taken and any relevant error messages or statistics.
    • Seek vendor’s assistance in diagnosing and resolving the interface-related problems.

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