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ICP runs on a Sovereign Network that is a governed by a DAO using deterministic decentralization to maximize its decentralization. To be part of the ICP infrastructure, any potential node providers can submit NNS proposals to the DAO controlling the ICP blockchain. ICP community then votes on whether to include the node provider. Node providers invest in and operate the node hardware which powers the Internet Computer. Running these nodes in data centers provides the high performance and the cost-effectiveness of the Internet Computer. Every node provider is allowed a limited amount of nodes.

This article is the hub for ICP node provider documentation.

Node Provider tokenomics & remuneration

Node providers receive rewards (remuneration) for operating node machines that run the IC network. The single source of truth for node provider rewards is the NNS, where changes can only be made through NNS proposals adopted by the IC community.

This page summarizes the current node provider rewards and serves to discuss proposals for future reward models: Node Provider Remuneration

Node machine hardware requirements

Node machines on ICP network need to keep up with the requirements of the network, please see: Gen-2 Node Machine Hardware.

Submitting proposal to join the network

As part of the process to become a node provider, a candidate node provider has to declare their intent and self-identify so the ICP DAO can make an informed decision. Please see Node Provider Self-declaration for more info.

Onboarding for accepted node providers

Gen-2 documentation

These articles are for candidate node providers considering becoming node providers or node providers recently accepted by the ICP DAO. The term "Gen-2" refers to "Generation 2", which is the current set of protocols for new node providers.

Users accepted by the ICP DAO to be a node provider, can follow these instructions to add their node: Node Provider Onboarding.

Node provider troubleshooting

Gen-1 documentation

The first batch of ICP node providers joined under Gen-1 (Generation 1). These documents are for those legacy node providers.

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