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This page is work in progress

This page describes the Node Provider (NP) self-declaration process and provides the necessary templates. This process and templates are currently in draft state and discussed by the community (see forum post). Once the NNS has decided on the expected format, the post and this page will be updated to reflect the NNS decision.


In a fully decentralized network, onboarding of a Node Provider (NP) is managed entirely by the Network Nervous Systems (NNS). This means that anybody who wants to become a NP needs to submit a proposal that will be voted upon by the community. The main question for the community is: how to decide whether to accept or reject a new NP into the network?

Ultimately, it’s the NPs responsibility to convince the community to adopt their proposal to be added as a new NP. With the self-declaration, the NP shall

  • establish their identity

  • make a statement of good intent

so that the community has sufficient information to vote on the proposal.

Documents and Templates

Before submitting a proposal to become a new NP, the NP shall prepare two kinds of documents. The documents should be delivered as a pdf document, digitally signed.

(1) Self-declaration

(A) Statement of identity

Entity name: __________________________________________________

Official address and location: _____________________________________

Country: ______________________________________________________

Chamber of Commerce Nr: _______________________________________

(B) Statement of provision of node machines

I hereby guarantee that I shall provide node machines in accordance with the required Hardware Configuration for running the IC Network, as described on the IC wiki (see HW configuration).

(C) Statement of good intent

I guarantee to the world that I shall honestly operate the node machines I provide, and that should I behave dishonestly, for example by deliberately interfering with my node machine(s) to prevent them correctly processing ICP protocol messages, in collusion with others or alone, that I will be liable to users of the network, and to other node providers, for any damages caused.

I further declare I am aware that any deliberate interference with a node machine, which causes it to incorrectly process ICP protocol messages, represents a misuse of that hardware, and of any hardware it interacts with, and that in some jurisdictions, that may constitute a crime.

Signature of representatives




(2) Identity Proof

The NP shall provide proof that the identity(ies) listed in the self-declaration exist in the real world. The proof can be any document that sufficiently proves the identity of the signers of the self-declaration to the community.


Initially, the process is quite manual. Over time, it shall be automated and for convenience be incorporated into dApps running on the IC. For now:

  1. Preparation: The NP prepares

    • the two kinds of documents listed above in a format that is widely available, e.g. PDF

    • Creates a compressed file, e.g. zip file, including these documents and computes the hash.

  2. Publication: The NP uploads the documents to the wikipage NP Self Declarations.

  3. Proposal submission: The NP submits a proposal to the NNS asking to be accepted to the network.

    • The technical instructions are provided in the Node Provider Onboarding instructions.

    • The summary of the proposal shall point to the published file (step 2) and list the hash (step 1).

  4. NNS vote: It’s now up to the NNS community to check whether the provided information matches the community’s expectations and to vote on the proposal.