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Steps to take when a server is unhealthy or has been removed from the network, but the connectivity in the data center is functioning correctly:

  • Ensure that the server is powered on.
  • Ensure that all link lights for active network interfaces are on.
    • If any link lights are off, check for failed cables by swapping them out for known good cables as needed.
  • Hook up a crash cart and check for errors on the screen, troubleshoot as needed.
  • Contact Dell if hardware issues are found or suspected.
  • If no known error is found, please redeploy the node with a fresh IC-OS image.
    • The deployment process identifies/fixes many software issues.
    • Note that if an old IC-OS image is used, the node will "appear" to be healthy at first, but it will not be able to catch up to the blockchain and will therefore fall behind and become unhealthy again. Thus, a current IC-OS image must be used.
    • At the end, obtain the new principal ID for the node from the crash cart screen. Then search for the node's principal on the IC dashboard to verify that the node is healthy.

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