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We have a strong and constantly growing ICP Community comprised of developers, users & owners of ecosystem dapps, ICP fans, blockchain, web3 enthusiasts, and influencers. Our community is geographically well-distributed and represented across continents.

Relevant online places or thought leaders

Our main Twitter account has 6M + followers and the community is quite active on this platform, additionally, DFINITYour Founder and Chief Scientist Dominic Williams has 1.95k Million followers. Our community is very active on the ICP Dev and Community Forum, and we also have a Community Run blog. We also nurture a community on CoinMarket Cap that is 96k strong. There is a growing ICP community on Discord as well.

Active Independent Communities

ICP community members have created many different forums for coming together basis interests, geography, etc. Here are some examples of the independently formed communities

Geographic Communities

ICPL, China : https://twitter.com/icpleague_com

ICP Vietnam: https://twitter.com/ICPVietnam

Dfinity Indonesia: https://twitter.com/dfinity_id

IC Japan Community: https://twitter.com/IC_JP_Community

ICP India: https://twitter.com/DfinityIndia

ICP Manila: https://twitter.com/ICPManila

ICP Africa: https://twitter.com/ICP_Africa

ICP France: https://twitter.com/icpfrance

ICP Italia: https://twitter.com/icp_italia

Global ICP Communities



https://twitter.com/8YearGangDAO - For 8 Year Stakers on OpenChat


ICP.Hubs are glocal communities being built up in strategic locations to bring together the communities in those geographies. These are communities building from the ground up to enable Web3 and ICP adoption. The current hubs are :

ICP.Hub India - https://twitter.com/crewspherein

ICP.Hub LATAM - https://twitter.com/icphublatam

ICP.Hub East Africa - https://twitter.com/ICPKushites?s=20

ICP.Hub Italy - https://icpitalia.icp.page/

ICP.Hub Dubai - Upcoming

ICP.Hub North America - Upcoming

Enabling Community Growth through Grants

DFINITY Foundation actively runs a Community Grant program to provide support to those who are driving the expansion of the ICP ecosystem and the industry at large. All details can be found here :