Gen1 Node Provider onboarding Gen2 node machines

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Gen 1 Node Providers have already a node provider principle, hence when you are a Gen-1 Node Provider you can directly initiate Data Center proposals and Node Operator Record proposals for your candidate node machines. To allow the community to validate your proposals please follow the below steps:

  • As a Gen-1 Node Provider, you previously have not submitted the self-declaration and proof-of-identity documents in the past. Please follow the step of Self Declaration and introduce yourself on the Forum thread for Node Providers as a Gen-1 Node Provider who intends to become a Gen-2 Node Provider.
  • Depending on the onboarding process as a Gen-1 Node Provider, when submitting Data Center Proposals or Node Operator Proposals, your neuron-id might not be immediately verifiable or recognizable by the community. Please clearly state in each proposal your Node provider name and the external dashboard link with your Node Provider information (including existing Gen-1 node machines).
  • For onboarding of your nodes, please follow the steps for data center proposal (if applicable) and node operator proposals as described on the Node Provider onboarding page.

Please be aware that with the introduction of the IC target topology and the optimization tooling to validate the contribution of candidate nodes to the IC network (see node diversification part 1, node diversification part 2,  and proposal 125367 and proposal 125549) there are limits to the number of node machines per Node Provider, per data center and per country. Before proposing to add new candidate node machines to the IC network, make sure to run the validation process for candidate nodes <<link to be added>  and be aware that a maximum of 42 node machines can be onboarded per Node Provider.