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Note that when doing firmware updates, it is best to follow the guidance of the server manufacturer.

Dell Poweredge Servers

Sometimes fixing a failed node requires updating the firmware. If you are having issues figuring out which firmware updates or versions are needed, Dell can provide direct download links upon request. To make this request, a Technical Support Report (TSR) needs to be submitted in a ticket. To generate this TSR, please see the following article. Then submit a Dell ticket with the TSR log requesting direct download links for any firmware that require updates.

You can obtain the drivers on the Dell website. Dell Product Support: Drivers

As of March 2023, the following firmware versions are among those approved for the IC

  • BIOS 2.10.2
  • iDRAC
  • Non-Expander Storage Backplane Firmware for Select PowerEdge Platforms 6.97, A00
  • Broadcom NetXtreme-E Network Device Firmware 22.3.2
  • PowerEdge CPLD R6525/ R7525 Version 1.2.0

Your service tag number is the serial number for the server which is listed on the pull-out tag of the server.

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