How-To: SNS tokenomics configuration

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  • This intention of this page is to collect material enabling teams to choose a tokenomics set-up for their SNS DAO.
  • To include documentation links to SNS tokenomics key concepts as well as a SNS tokenomics tool.
  • This wiki page is work in progress and will be enhanced over time.

SNS tokenomics training & tools

In this slide deck there is a brief introduction to key concepts such as

  • SNS governance & rewards
  • Decentralization swap
  • Neurons' fund

Via this spreadsheet tool you can assess SNS tokenomics configurations. In order to use the tool and modify input parameters, please make a copy. The tool covers

  • SNS input parameters: Contains all tokenomics parameters for SNS initialization, e.g. voting reward rate, swap parameters, initial token allocation, etc.
  • Token price range: Visualizes the minimum & maximum funding target vs the amount of tokens swapped, as well as the token price range in ICP and USD.
  • Voting power assessment: Visualizes the initial token allocation and voting power. It is further possible to parametrize and simulate 51% attacks.
  • Total supply over time: Simulates how total supply of SNS tokens could develop over time.

Background material