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DFINITY Support Center

Welcome to the DFINITY Support Center! Below you'll find information on how to contact the DFINITY Support Team as well as curated links to resources to help you get familiar with the Internet Computer. You’ll also find some helpful articles ranging from troubleshooting common problems to information about the Internet Computer ecosystem.

Contact Us

We offer several ways to get in touch with the DFINITY Support Team:

  • Email: Any and all questions are welcomed! Send an email to [email protected]. The team aims to respond to all inquiries within 24 business hours.
  • Developer Forum: Looking for a deep-dive into technical discussions on various issues/proposals? Join our Developer Forum - there are plenty of interesting discussions going on and many active team and community members to engage with.
  • Discord: Nuanced troubleshooting? Check out our Discord server to chat with other DFINITY users and get help from our support team, if needed.


The Internet Computer has a robust community ecosystem for network participants, developers, and researchers. Below is an active list of communities.

Technical Resources

Community Resources

DFINITY Support Articles

Visit the DFINITY Help Center for more information on the DFINITY platform and access to FAQs.

Custody | Self-Custody and Custody Service Solutions

Grants and the DFINITY Ecosystem

Cycles, Canisters, and Developer Resources

NNS Dapp, Web3 Terminology, and Node Providers

Neuron Management and ICP Tokens

Voting on Proposals and Earning Rewards

Internet Identity