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For ensuring decentralization, it is highly beneficial to distribute nodes across multiple countries and data centers. Although not as stringent, a similar principle applies to the selection of ISPs.

At present, there are no mandatory technical certifications required for data centers, but this might change in the future. The sole requirement is verifiability of the data center's location.

Suggested approach:

  1. Visit the world map on the homepage of the IC dashboard. Identify countries where there are no nodes in operation. For decentralization purposes, it is highly recommended to set up nodes in these countries.
  2. Check the "Data centers" page of the IC dashboard for the country of interest. Verify if there are any data centers in that region with IC nodes present. For better network decentralization, opt for data center companies different from those already hosting IC nodes.
  3. Contact data centers and request a quote. This template is an example request. Feel free to adapt it to your (local) needs.
    • The template is quite comprehensive but the key information that should be included in the data center’s quote are:
      1. Monthly Recurring Costs (MRC) of colocation (renting rack space within the data center)
      2. Non-Recurring Costs (NRC), like one-off setup fees
      3. Cost structure for the services provided by their hands & eyes team (if present)
  4. Contact ISPs and request a quote. This template is an example request. Feel free to adapt it.
    • Similar to the data centers, at this stage, you are only interested in the MRC and NRC.
  5. If possible, visit the sites of the most promising data centers to assess suitability and professionalism of their staff.
  6. Utilize the received quotes to make a financial analysis according to the Node Provider Remuneration Model. This will aid in determining the optimal number of nodes to host.
  7. Finalize a provisional contract with a selected data center. This contract can serve as supporting documentation for your declaration as a Node Provider.

To assist with any follow-up questions from data centers regarding the technical aspects of your project, refer to the documentation provided below.

  1. Node Provider Networking Guide
  2. Node Provider Machine Hardware Guide