Geodd Pvt Ltd

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Identity Proof

Company Type: Limited Liability

Regulator: Department of the Registrar of Companies (DRC)

Sri Lankan Business Registration Number: PV00276344

Sri Lankan Company Tax Identification Number : 103565030

Company Registration

SHA256: 7721d1fbd02ee25e444448b9d2e287d09099965e7e72957674b4e829afadf78a

For company verification purposes, please proceed by scanning the provided QR code.

Company Verification

To ensure total transparency, I've also attached a certified verification PDF. Please feel free to scan the QR code or use the embedded links to view the up-to-date information about our active directors.

SHA256: 8aabbdfe7530f6234fd28248bd10b422727df4a8063a2bdfaf6e3db2a021c25c

Certified Verification.pdf


SHA256: 8db4231dfadf5ba266ab441caf43ae28b8a3294e880ea6e804159885d1384c1f