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Altimist Ltd is a UK based FinTech company based on Web3 technologies. The company intends to be a Node Provider for the Internet Computer.

Self Declaration

This document, signed by Founder, Director and CEO Arthur Davis, demonstrates the intent of Altimist Ltd in being a legitimate Node Provider for the Internet Computer.

Altimist Self Declaration

The SHA512 hash of the above pdf is: dd79c08f1fbffd51ca052633240bc28a82928283ebe88e06a22fd3f88e79d45fb2909cbd8fb9ecd9547acc2ecbc52f8c0da113dceb39b5486d8523881312b6c3

Identity Proof

The entity wishing to become a Node Provider, Altimist Ltd., can be verified by entering in the company number 14951387 on the official UK government website:

Find Company Information GOV.UK

A screenshot of the official site is shown below demonstrating the legitimacy of the company.

Altimist Identity Proof

The SHA512 hash of the above pdf is: 6eec7e8c764039cdaff8e82e701dc984d31f54984775c125a6082ebb4348ee2bc84ae880e97ae3f4eca914e1c21b34b21dfe764c154f747f17354a48828b5547