Adding additional node machines to existing Node Allowance

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If a NP has onboarded fewer node machines than its node allowance, a NP might consider to order additional node machines and add these to the IC network (by onboarding these additional nodes, and submitting an update to the reward configuration through an NNS proposal). With the target IC topology for the next half year to a year and the optimization tool for the IC topology both being discussed on the forum and approved (see node diversification part 1 and node diversification part 2), there is an objective measure for assessing whether candidate nodes support further decentralization of the IC, which should be taken into account before adding additional node machines.

Please follow these additional steps:

  • Assess the number of additional node machines you would like to add.
  • Go through the process of validating candidate node machines to verify whether these additional nodes actually support decentralization. If yes, add the evidence for this (through the pdf with screenshots and configuration settings for the optimization tooling) to the NP wiki page, and include a link to the document as well as the hash of the document in the NNS node reward configuration proposal.
  • If adding the additional node machines does not support decentralization, these node machines should not be added to the IC network, unless the machines were already ordered and in the process of being added to the IC network. In that latter case, please add evidence in the NNS reward configuration proposal that these machines have been ordered before 1st December and are actually in the process of being onboarded.