Retrieving a Dell TSR Log

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When Dell is called to service a server, they will ask for the service tag. This is the serial number for the server which is listed on the pull-out tag of the server.

They will also frequently ask for a TSR log. Here are several sets of directions that may be needed, depending on the situation:

  • How to Use the iDRAC Direct Feature
  • Export a SupportAssist collection via iDRAC9
  • Changing the Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller 9 (iDRAC9) default login password
    • This information from Dell may also be helpful if you need to reset it with KVM connected.
  • If the faulty server is not allowing access to the iDRAC, then the Lifecycle Controller can be used to pull a TSR log and export it to a USB using these directions from Dell.
    • Note that if this is the first time the lifecycle controller has been launched, you will be greeted with a 5-step setup wizard. One of the steps includes network configuration. For this, everything must be left blank, but they are forced to choose a NIC interface in a dropdown menu. In that dropdown menu, please have them select a NIC interface that is unused.
  • Use Dell's directions to access the network settings of the iDRAC through the BIOS using a crash cart:
  • Here is how you can use a USB to perform a firmware update. For the following method to work please download the .efi file, a screenshot of the correct one to download is here.
    1. Copy the file to a USB device
    2. Plug in the USB device and press F11 during POST to enter BIOS Boot Manager
    3. Navigate to the System Utilities menu and select BIOS Update File Explorer
    4. Select the USB device and navigate through the directory contents to find the executable (.efi)
    5. Launch the executable and follow the instructions provided by the flash utility.