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What is a node? Just one machine?


Sometimes "Node Machine" - a single server participating with the IC - is used to differentiate from "Node", which is sometimes used to refer to the software that runs the IC.

When purchasing node hardware can I deviate from the node hardware requirements?

The hardware components must meet the generic specification of the Gen2 node hardware. This is verified by the IC-OS installer. The installer will fail if the expected components are not found.

Small details are expected to be different between vendors such as SSD manufacturer, chassis model, etc..

Do I need to configure RAID on my node machines?

No. RAID (hardware or software) should not be attempted. The IC-OS installer will verify there are 5x independent 6.4TB NVMe SSD’s and prepare them appropriately - formatting all disks as it installs.

IC-OS uses a ‘striped’ LVM volume across all the disks (technically a software RAID 0).

What about redundancy? Replica nodes provide redundancy at a higher level than disk redundancy.

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