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Redirect to: [[How-To: Claim neurons for seed participants]]
Redirect to: [[How-To: Claim neurons for seed participants]]
Seed participants have been granted ICP at a rate of 30 tokens per Swiss Franc of value donated in 2017, which Genesis Unlock is disbursing in the form of a basket of 49 voting neurons.
These neurons already exist inside the Network Nervous System, the completely open, tokenized governance system that controls the Internet Computer blockchain network. Seed participant neurons contain the ICP seed participants have been awarded, staked inside. Seed participant neurons have been configured to vote automatically and are already earning voting rewards for seed participants. Seed participants do not need to do anything to initialize their neurons in order to continue earning voting rewards.
A neuron is like a savings account where seed participant must provide notice of withdrawals. The configured notice period is called the “dissolve delay”. Seed participants can start and stop dissolving a neuron at any time. The greater the dissolve delay, the greater the neuron’s voting power, and the greater the voting rewards it receives.
seed participant neurons have been pre-aged! At the moment of Genesis Unlock, their age was already set to 18 months old. This is important, because neuron age significantly increases the voting power and the voting rewards seed participant receive.
'''Warning: When seed round participants start dissolving a neuron, the blockchain will reset its age to zero immediately. Therefore, one should be very careful to only begin dissolving neurons when thet wish to unstake the ICP inside.'''
Genesis Unlock created 49 neurons for you. They have dissolve delays of 0 days, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days and so on. Apart from the first neuron which has a dissolve delay of 0 days (which can be dissolved immediately), the other dissolve delays may have a small random number of days either added or removed.
To configure one of your neurons, for example, to change how it votes, or to place it into dissolving mode, follow these steps:
==Methods for Configure one of the neurons==
* [[Seed participant configuration with DFINITY Canister SDK]]
* [[Seed participant configuration with Ledger Nano]] (Coming soon)

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