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The self-declaration document can be found here:

The SHA256 hash of the linked PDF is 212c43503bbbe421e213a7b46da2c91c70c80ae7326b91d2ddedc29f4e26a984.

Identity Proof

Company information can be verified by entering UEN number : 201813417G on the following website.

Attached Copy :

Certificate of Incorporate.pdf

The SHA256 hash of the linked PDF is 78588307b8273d3b9ac7f4e26194c76da7a5c74aea91b4246def566ab97cd568.

Proof of Hardware Order

SHA256 hash of linked PDF is 35712cda62bf07210b3851365dfec40d356265caa549e2b69b899e96f6849102

Dell Invoice Neptune Partners.pdf