ICP custody with Ledger Nano

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Ledger Nano

The Ledger Nano is one of the world’s most popular hardware wallets for safely storing crypto assets. A Ledger wallet combined with the Ledger Live app gives users complete control over their crypto, ensuring ownership over their assets while providing maximum security.

ICP and Ledger Nano

To use the Ledger Nano to manage your ICP follow these instructions, you need three things:

You can follow the user manual here: Integrating Ledger Nano With the NNS Front-End Dapp


The Ledger Nano + NNS dapp integration supports the following actions:

  • Receive/send ICP
  • Stake a neuron
  • View neurons
  • Add neurons as hotkeys
  • Dissolve neurons
  • Disburse neurons
  • Increase dissolve delay of neurons
  • View NNS proposals
  • Vote on NNS proposals
  • Choose neurons to follow for voting


  • Maximum control of one's seed phrase (NNS frontend dapp does not access one's seed phrase)
  • Has all the functionality one needs for custody, staking, voting
  • Ideal for people who want to want to combine easy web experience with to control of their seedphrase ICP

Trade-offs and risks

If you use this combination, you are accepting the following trade-offs:

  • Risk of losing access - If you only have lose access your Ledger Nano AND forget seed phrase, you lose access to your ICP.
  • Risk your devices do not support it - Not all devices and browsers support WebAuthn, so this option is sometimes not available. Supported browsers for Ledger Nano integration currently include Chrome (desktop) v89+, Edge v89+, and Opera v76+.


The Ledger Internet Computer (ICP) app was built by a collaboration between the Zondax team of engineers and cryptographers and the DFINITY Foundation. It was released and announced on December 3, 2021 [1].

The Ledger Internet Computer (ICP) app has undergone a third-party audit and has been reviewed and approved by Ledger. You can access the Ledger Internet Computer (ICP) app repository here: https://github.com/Zondax/ledger-icp.

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