How-To: Join the Community fund via quill

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Background and objective

  • The goal of this page is to explain how you can configure a NNS neuron to join the Community Fund via quill, including an example.
  • It's assumed that you have a working installation of quill and are familiar with the tool. For an introduction into quill, please see here. For instructions on how to install and use quill please see the readme on GitHub and the quill documentation.
  • For further information on the design of the Community Fund, please see here.

Command syntax to join the Community fund via quill

The syntax of the quill command to join the Community fund with a NNS neuron is

quill --pem-file <PEM_FILE> neuron-manage --join-community-fund <neuron id>


  • <PEM_FILE> is the path to the Privacy-Enhanced Mail (PEM) file created when quill was set up.
  • <neuron id> is the id of your neuron.


Assume that you have a set-up where your PEM file is called identity.pem and the id of your NNS neuron is 11423144599838103945.

Then the corresponding quill command for joining the Community fund is

quill --pem-file identity.pem neuron-manage --join-community-fund 11423144599838103945