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This wiki's content is maintained by and for the IC Community. To foster a reliable source of content and community, please see this page.

How to Contribute

Anyone can contribute to this wiki, all one needs to do is create an account.

Types of Users

There are two types of users:

  • User - Users can propose new articles or changes to existing articles. Anyone can become a user.
  • Moderator - Moderators approve changes from users. Moderators are granted moderator status by other moderators. The intent is to grow this list.

For transparency, the moderators as of January 19, 2022 are:

  • Jens Groth
  • Johan Granstrom
  • Diego Prats (username: diego.prats)
  • Aisling Connolly

Housekeeping Rules

  • Keep a factual and sober tone, the purpose of the wiki is to convey accurate information, not to advertise.
  • Refrain from redundancy, such as referring to the Internet Computer in article titles. This is, after all, the Internet Computer Wiki.
  • Consistent with Wikipedia, for capitalization use headline style in page and section headings (H1 & H2), and sentence style for sub headings (H3 and below). DFINITY is always stylized in all-caps.
  • Avoid the word "we", many people may later edit the article leaving "we" ambiguous.